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A Swedish family business with a proud history
Korshags has produced and sold smoked fish and gravlax for the past 37 years. The company was established in 1980 by Per-Arne Korshag, raised in a family of fishmongers, and his wife, Gunnel. Today, the company is owned and run by siblings Pernilla and Niklas Korshag and has grown to one of Sweden’s largest smoke houses – and is the top supplier of premium products. The business is located in Falkenberg, on the western coast of Sweden. Would you like to visit our production unit? Welcome!

Started to smoke fish in a converted refrigerator
In 1965, Per-Arne Korshag, started to experiment with fish smoking in an old refrigerator in his parents’ garden in Falkenberg. As the years went by, he improved his fish smoking skills and became a well-known fish smoker and also set the Guinness World Record for filleting one ton of salmon. To learn more about our company history, click here.

Tastier food from the sea
Korshags is on a mission to inspire people to eat tastier food from the sea. Tastier food does not only refer to the finest ingredients and a greater taste but also to sustainability as we strive to run our business in a sustainable way.

Farmed salmon from Norway
Premium quality salmon farmed in fast flowing, deep, cold waters outside Norway. The salmon is filleted within three hours from the moment it is taken out of the sea, then fully trimmed and shipped fresh from Norway to Falkenberg, on the western coast of Sweden.

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Products - Tasty, healthy food from Scandinavia

Fish and seafood products in the premium segment. Hot smoked salmon, cold smoked salmon, salmon loin, gravlax, poached salmon, smoked mackerel, buckling and kippers, pâte, sauces and mustard.

If you have ever been invited to a Scandinavian smörgåsbord you've probably eaten cold smoked salmon and gravlax. The two must-haves aren't just Scandinavian favourite's, they're loved the world over. A perfect choice if you want to eat healthy food. Salmon is filled with protein, vitamin D, Omega 3 and minerals.

Rok Enbar

Fish Smoking - Alder wood & Juniper berries

Korshags’ salmon is smoked in a traditional way over alder wood and juniper berries. The alder trees are locally grown at a sustainable forestry outside Falkenberg. We chip the wood ourselves fresh from the log, every week. The slightly damp wood gives a dense, white smoke that is perfect for smoking fish. It is the woods natural aromas and essences that create the unique flavour. Juniper berries set the fine character.

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Our customers are based in Sweden, Finland, the UK  and throughout the rest of Europe. Interested in becoming a reseller/customer? Contact Jonas Selander, Sales Manager, +46 346 73 12 64

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If you are travelling in Sweden, please visit our deli that is located next to the factory in Falkenberg. The deli offers a wide selection of smoked fish, fresh fish and shellfish. Our fresh fish counter is MSC-certified. We also offer ready-cooked food.